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#BMoreBabe Elyse

I'm so happy to share my first #BMoreBabe with you girls on the blog today! The reason I got into boudoir photography was so that I could show women that they are beautiful and powerful. The messages in the media often don't promote that but us girls are crazy talented and strong!

What better way to show how great we all are than sharing the photos of my lovely clients? Starting off our series is this beauty! Her name is Elyse and she is fantastic.

Her boudoir session was a gift to herself from herself proving again that you don't need a special reason or even a relationship in your life to treat yourself to a special something! Sometimes it’s great to treat yourself just because. Just because is for sure my favorite reason for a treat, whether that be an ice cream cone, an extra hour with Netflix, or a fun photoshoot!

My favorite thing about shooting with Elyse is that one of her outfits was a romper. She shows that you don't have to bare everything to feel sexy. Also how cute is that bodysuit? White is so often considered a bridal color especially in lingerie but it looks good in all settings. Elyse looks fabulous in her lace bodysuit and by the smile on her face she feels fabulous too!

Elyse wore outfits that were the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. Her romper-totally sweet. Her black lingerie-sassy! Boudoir photography is the perfect time to explore different aspects of your personality. Maybe bring out the ones that people don't get to see as often or highlight the best versions of yourself.

Check out this gorgeous girl and stay tuned for more Bmore babes in the weeks and months to come!

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