What to Eat and Drink Before Your Boudoir Shoot | Baltimore Boudoir Photography

Hi there! I’m so happy that you’ve decided to do a boudoir photoshoot! One of my fave parts of boudoir photography is capturing beauty for women to feel empowered and fearless, and I’m all about how you can get the most out of your boudoir shoot which is why today I have some words about what to eat and drink before your boudoir shoot.

Water Is The Best

Water is the elixir of everything, and it’s also important to feeling your best before your boudoir shoot.  Like we needed another reason to drink to water each and every day, water is your best friend before a boudoir shoot!

Take a Carb Break

Pizza is life. I get it. Carbs are delicious and delightful, and they are perfect. But they aren’t as nice to your figure as more lean proteins, so for a few days before your boudoir shoot, maybe don’t. Even healthy foods like beans and dark greens can bloat. You know what to eat - good food, no food babies.


Put The Wine Back On The Shelf

I love a good glass of wine in the evening but it is an unfortunate fact that alcohol can make you feel puffy. And even if it doesn’t, why come to your boudoir shoot feeling bad? This is the time to feel awesome!

Do Something Nice For Yourself

So this is entirely contradictory advice. Gifting yourself or a loved one with a boudoir shoot should be a treat! Make the experience a wonderful one, and if that means pairing your boudoir shoot with a big slice of cake, then go for it girl! If you want to pair it with a massage and an early morning workout, also awesome! This is all about you.

No matter what you eat before your boudoir shoot ...

You look beautiful! We all want to look our best but at the end of the day boudoir is a celebration of YOU. 

Life is short. Do a photoshoot!

Anne Casey