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What Is the Best Time Of Day To Have a Schedule A Boudoir Shoot?

Everybody wants the best photos from their photo-shoot, and I love helping women achieve their dreams and create art! To do that, today I thought I would share some of the best times to schedule your boudoir shoot so that you can get the absolutely positively awesomest photos around!

Take Advantage of the Golden Hour

Photographers love the golden hour. It’s a magical time an hour after the sun comes up and the hour before the sun goes down where the sun sets just enough to cast a gorgeous light over everything. It’s what makes long summer evenings feel a little warmer, and commuting home in the winter a little easier. The golden hour is such a special time to shoot - ask me if you’re particularly interested in catching that unique light and we can schedule it!

time of day to schedule boudoir shoot

Embrace Rainy Days

A rainy day is a good day for photography, especially indoor photography. Clouds diffuse the light and make it lovely and soft, which is a great thing for portrait photography. Even if it’s rainy outside, it will be wonderful inside! It’s also a great excuse to stay indoors and get cozy under the covers - the perfect way to set the mood for a sexy photo-shoot!

When In Doubt, Stay Inside

When it comes to picking a time, I know we all would prefer to go out and chase the light but we’re all busy ladies! We’ve got jobs and families and kids, and adding a boudoir shoot into the mix can be difficult, but the beauty of shooting indoors means that we can always find the light. This boudoir shoot is all about you! Which means that we can work with your schedule so that your boudoir shoot is totally stress free and fun!

When Are You Scheduling Your Boudoir Shoot?

No matter what time of day for your boudoir shoot, we’re sure to have a great time! Give me a shout and we can set something up.

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