Finding the Perfect Wedding Day Lingerie and Using it in Your Boudoir Photos

Finding the Perfect Wedding Day Lingerie and Using it in Your Boudoir Photos

I think we can all agree that what you’re wearing underneath your outfit can play a huge role in how your day is going to go. Am I right, ladies? Sometimes we have undergarments that we love to wear, and others that make us feel downright uncomfortable. You definitely want to make sure that your wedding day undergarments make you feel confident, comfortable, beautiful, and happy the whole night!

Fancy Lingerie

If ever there were an excuse to buy fancy lingerie in your life, now is the time! The awesome part is, if you’re not really into super fancy bedroom-only lingerie, almost every store has a bridal section to help get you started!

Don’t like white? Don’t let it hold you back! Wedding night lingerie is special to you and your partner, and what a great surprise if you had a pop of color on under your gorgeous white dress!

How to Wear it to Your Boudoir Shoot

Bridal lingerie often helpfully has “bride” written on it, so that makes the photos really easy to pose for! Plus, if you know how you’re wearing your hair and make-up for the big day, we can recreate the look for your boudoir photos (maybe even incorporate your veil into the mix!). It’s the little details that will make a photo extra special when you pull them out for your anniversary!

What to wear under your wedding dress

Shape wear

I think we all want to feel our very best for those important moments in life like your wedding day, and sometimes that means using every tool in the book! You’re going to look amazing on your wedding day with or without shape wear, but sometime we need that little extra boost to feel confident and beautiful inside and out. Plus, I always find that shape wear helps with my posture. Just me?

It’s best to make that choice early on in the wedding dress shopping process though, so you can make sure the final look works with your chosen undergarments. If you want to wear high-waisted Spanx, maybe go for a higher-backed dress!

How to Wear it to Your Boudoir Shoot

I can guess what you’re thinking, but you can definitely wear shape wear to your boudoir shoot! Every boudoir shoot is different, which means we’ll pull together the perfect overall look and style for you. And guess what - if you want to wear shape wear during your boudoir shoot, we will make the perfect outfit to compliment what you’re planning for! Plus, you should wear anything to your boudoir shoot that makes you feel comfortable and remember your wedding day. Accessorize with your wedding shoes and jewelry!

Nothing At All

This sounds risque but hear me out! Wedding dresses are often built so that you don’t actually need to wear a bra with them - they have structure in the front for support. Then, depending on how brave you are, and how full your skirt is, you might not need to wear underwear. It’s just another thing to get out of the way when you go to the bathroom!

Your wedding is a wonderful day, but it is a long day and you might not feel like fussing with fancy undies by the end of it. Do what feels good for you; if lace and ribbon isn’t your thing don’t worry about it! It’s your wedding, and no matter what you choose, it’s part of your unique love story.

How to Wear it to Your Boudoir Shoot

Not gonna lie, this one takes a little bit more confidence but if you want to capture it on film, I am here for you! Wear your wedding veil and earrings and take some pictures! Because girl, you look awesome, no matter what you choose to wear (or not wear!)

Whatever you choose to wear under your dress or during your boudoir shoot, choose something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Everything about your wedding journey is a celebration of you - don’t forget that and have fun celebrating what makes you, you!

Anne Casey