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What to Wear for Your Maternity Boudoir Shoot

So you’ve decided to have a maternity boudoir shoot. Congratulations! This is such a special and unique time in your life. You never regret having more photos of the kiddos, even when they’re not quite here yet! The most important question surfaces - what do you possibly wear for a maternity boudoir shoot?

We talked about why it is so important to have a maternity boudoir shoot a few weeks back, so I won’t go over why I think it’s such a great idea again, except to say that I think you’re definitely making a great choice! Here are my top tips on what to wear to your maternity boudoir photo shoot.

Gorgeous Robe

First and foremost, a robe is your best friend! A flowy robe will drape your fabulous curves and provide a pop of color or lace for a dramatic visual effect. They are also awesome to pose with - you can make them as demure or as dramatic as you’d like, and capturing the flow of the fabric is sooo fun from a photography point of view.

Click here to see a great floral robe!

Maternity Boudoir Photo Shoot Maryland

Pretty Maternity Bras

They do exist! This is the perfect opportunity to invest in some bras that are both beautiful for pictures, and functional for after the baby arrives. Just because you’re becoming a mom, doesn’t mean you’re not a person who deserves gorgeous things! For an extra dose of decadence, go for a matching set with some comfy boy shorts.

Some great examples of maternity bras live here and here.

Over Sized Shirts

If there was ever a time to rock the over-sized shirt, it is now! It adds an extra dimension to your photos to wear a button down or flannel from baby’s dad. It’s a great way to incorporate him into the photos without him actually being there. Even if dad has no photo-ready shirts, you can grab one from Target all for yourself!

What Are You Wearing to Your Maternity Boudoir Shoot?

I’d love to hear your ideas! Drop a comment with some of your fave ideas on what to wear for a maternity boudoir shoot!

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