3 Top Boudoir Playlist Songs | Baltimore Boudoir Photographer

Music sets the mood in so many places, and your boudoir session is no different. Today I am sharing three of my songs totally perfect for a place on your boudoir photo-shoot playlist. These three songs are definitely to make you feel strong and sexy, and they are all a little bit different. Any guesses what they will be?

For Independence - Maneater by Nelly Furtado

Oh yeah, we’re going back to the mid 2000s! This song is the best reminder that you are perfect all by yourself. You don’t need anyone to take photos for, except for yourself! You by yourself are enough, a whole person, an entirely awesome human being! Take those photos girl- you’re gorgeous!

Sierra Boudoir-Sierra Boudoir-0059.jpg

For Beauty - Flawless by Beyonce

Play this song to feel how you are - flawless. Is there anyone more confident and sexy as Beyonce? Channel your inner Bey during your boudoir photo shoot, and tell yourself “I look so good” during every moment of your shoot. Because you totally do!

For Strength - Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson

I mean, strength is right there in the title! This song is a great reminder that no matter what happens in your life, you are strong. Strong for getting through it, strong for not letting it break you. Everyone is fighting something that we know nothing about. But no matter what you’re fighting, you’re strong. I know it!

What Songs Make You Feel Awesome?

For your boudoir session, feel free to make your own personalized musical playlist! Pick out songs that make you feel sexy and strong, and comfy in your skin. Good choices include anything you rock out to in your car, or whatever makes you dance around in the kitchen when it comes on the radio.

I’m always excited to hear the different songs that you lovely ladies listen to in order to feel strong and beautiful! Let’s get some great tunes going at your boudoir session!

Anne Casey