Should You Tell Your Friends You're Doing Boudoir Photography? | Baltimore Boudoir Photographer

Okay, so you’ve decided to do a boudoir photography shoot. Congratulations! Maybe you’ve already discussed this with your closest girlfriends. Maybe just with your significant other, or with no one at all. As the day approaches, should you let others in on your big plans?

For me, the answer is always yes! Because I think that boudoir photography is an empowering thing to do, I will always say share the wonderful things you do for yourself, and encourage others to do the same! But I know that it can be a delicate topic, so here are my reasons to share, and my reasons to keep your shoot private.

Yes! Shout it From the Stars

It’s so fun! Tell everyone. Shout it from the rooftops, and bring your girlfriends over for drinks to admire your lovely photos. After all, you’re beautiful (I promise!) and that’s always fun to share.

Make your shoot a party, and encourage all your besties to do it with you. I do some boudie parties, where you and a bunch of your girlfriends come in and have a little party where we all hang out and snap some photos! Then sharing your boudoir experience becomes a fun bonding session!

Ariel Gordon-Ariel Gordon Boudoir-0069.jpg

No - This is Your Thing

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of everyone knowing that you’re doing a boudoir shoot, or if you think that your friends won’t be supportive of the idea, by all means keep it to yourself! Hopefully, you have at least some friends who are supportive of everything that you do that you can share the fun news with!

Also this is your thing. It’s to make you feel good, and strong, and beautiful. Doing it for yourself, means you don’t have to tell anyone else about it. If you feel good, that will show, without sharing all the details!

Whatever You Choose …

At the end of the day, what and how much you choose to share is entirely up to you. Do I think boudoir photography is awesome and totally something to be proud of? Yes!

I hope that no matter whether you choose to tell one person or a hundred that you feel like your boudoir shoot is something really special and fun. I try my hardest to make everything memorable for you so that you have a really awesome day to remember!

Anne Casey