How to Take a Fabulous Boudoir Photo | Baltimore Boudoir Photographer

You’re ready to take the plunge. You’ve seen boudoir photos on your Instagram, from your friends, and you think- “Hey, that’s something I want to try!” Well first off, let me say that I’m so excited for you! Boudoir photography is a great way to feel beautiful and empowered. I bet that you want to take awesome boudoir photos right? Perfect. You’re in the right place! Let’s talk about all the ways that you can take a fantastic picture.

Pick the Right Photographer

Picking the right photographer is key to getting a good photo. We’re in charge of the lighting and the framing, and helping you to feel your best. Obviously yours truly would love to be your photographer! I think it’s so special to help women feel their most beautiful best!

Choose Your Style

We’ve talked about how to style your very first boudoir shoot in this blog post, but the most important part is that you come feeling your best. Your boudoir shoot is all about showing off your personality and passions! Come prepared with your favorite lingerie, or comfiest tee-shirt, or even your partner’s work/sports uniform. Whatever makes you feel splendid and sexy!

Courtney Kappus Boudoir-Courtney Kappus Boudoir-0144.jpg

Make Sure You Feel Comfy

Are you noticing a trend here? Boudoir is all about you! I have a whole post dedicated on how to feel comfortable at your boudoir shoot, and that’s because it’s definitely key to taking a great photo. Do what makes you feel good, whether that’s bringing a friend or cracking jokes!

Set the Mood (Music)

There is so a reason that it’s called mood music. Music affects our mood so much, it even changes our facial expressions. If you’d like, you can put together a playlist for your photo-shoot, music that makes you feel fantastic and brings a smile to your face.

Practice Your Poses

Although it sounds (and can feel!) silly, practice makes perfect! Take some time in front of the mirror before your shoot and really look at yourself. In this age of Instagram and other social media, I think we mostly know which side of our face we prefer to highlight in a selfie or how we like to hold our arms.

Boudoir photography is an extension of portrait photography and portrait photography is an exaggerated version of real life. We’re aiming to capture what’s magical about you and what feels like too much in the moment translates into a perfect photo. Figure out what you like and then do that ... but more!

I hope these tips make you feel prepared to take all the gorgeous boudoir photos! And if you’re ready for your very own boudoir shoot, book your session here!

Anne Casey