5 Ways to Surprise Your Husband on Your Wedding Night | Wedding Boudoir Photography

After the vows have been said, and the dances have been danced, it’s time to start your life together. That’s the best part! I love how weddings are the celebration of your love and the life that you’re starting together! Starting a marriage off on a high is so important, so today I’m talking about a few different and unique ways to surprise your husband on your wedding night.

Order Room Service

Wedding days are so so fun, but they go by fast! It’s easy to get to the end of the day and realize that you’re starving. Planning ahead and having some food waiting is a sweet way to show your new spouse that you’re thinking about them.

You can call the hotel and see if they’ll leave some food for you, or bring it at a specific time, so that you don’t have to wait for your food. You could even have a friend stop by and leave some wedding food leftovers - if you have any!

Plan A Little Surprise After-Party

Receptions are super fun! But they can also be super busy, and your guests will be from all generations of family. That means that some of them will want to go home early, and some will want to party all night long!

If you and your fiance are party animals, then it might be fun to plan a smaller party after the main reception for your friends and celebrate with them.

Schedule A Boudoir Photography Shoot

What better way to celebrate your new married life than with a momento from you? A boudoir photo shoot is the perfect gift to surprise your husband on your wedding night!

Set up a boudoir shoot a few months before your wedding so you have plenty of time to order an album. I love helping brides make their weddings extra special with these shoots!

how to surprise your husband on your wedding night

Buy Wedding Night Lingerie

Your wedding night is a special night - celebrate with some extra special lingerie. Luckily, I have a whole blog post on all the cute and special options for wedding day lingerie! You can check that out for all of my recommendations on what to wear both for your wedding, and for a wedding themed boudoir photo shoot!

I’m a fan of anything that’s cute AND comfortable. Looks like lace, feels like sweatpants - that’s the perfect combo! A new outfit is an awesome way to surprise your husband on your wedding night.

Run a Bath

You’ve been standing and dancing all day. You deserve a break! Take advantage of a big hotel bathtub and run a bath for the perfect relaxing wind down to a big day. Create the perfect atmosphere with candles and music that’s special to your relationship. Bubbles and champagne make it extra special!

What Special Surprise Are You Planning?

Leave it in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about it!

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