4 Super Empowering TV Shows For The Boss Babe

Full disclosure: I might be way behind the TV show game. Life’s busy! Of course, that probably means that you’re way behind too, so maybe some of these shows will spark something for you. Everyone wants more Netflix time in their life, so I thought I’d share some examples of what I consider to be empowering tv shows for women!

Orphan Black

Spoiler Alert: Orphan Black is about clones. That means that not only is there one great female character - there are tons! It is crazy impressive how one actress plays all the different clones. Each one has her own personality and preferences, and tons of female personalities are represented through these different characters. Plus, the story is so fun to follow!

Greys Anatomy

Yep, Grey's Anatomy is still on. And it’s still great! Grey’s Anatomy, all about a super strong female doctor surrounded by cute doctor men is a great empowering tv show for women and as the years have gone on Meredith has grown from a young intern to a wife and mother as well as a kick-a** doctor who has gone through a lot in life. Grey’s Anatomy is a great example of a professional female character trying to balance work, life and saving lives.

empowering tv shows for women

Gilmore Girls

You knew I was going to sneak my fave TV show in here right? Gilmore Girls is such a fabulous of TV written for women by women. I’m sure you know the plot, but in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years, it’s a show about a mother-daughter duo who are navigating how to be friends and family at the same time.  

It’s set in the cutest little town. Go watch it! I know you’ve already seen it but watch it again! As I go through different seasons in my life, I relate to each of the characters differently. And there’s a sequel now, which is such a good excuse to sit down and binge watch the series again. Gilmore Girls is my happy place.

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie have been friends for years and suddenly find themselves divorced with grown children after their husbands decide to date each other. It’s a rough situation that these two women deal in a delightfully funny way. They have to learn what it’s like to be alone after decades of marriage and how to lean on each other to get through a tough time.

What Kind Of Empowering TV Shows Do You Like?

Let me know in the comments below! I don’t need more Netflix recommendations but I definitely want more Netflix recommendations! What are you watching ? I’d love to hear!

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