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Happy Fourth of July! Happy Independence Day! I love holidays of every kind and holidays in the summer are even better. I love barbecues, fireworks and taking the kiddos to the parade. Celebrating is so much fun - and of course one of my favorite things to celebrate is boudoir photography and making Bmore babes feel empowered and amazing! Today, I thought I would combine these two and talk about styling a patriotic boudoir shoot.

Having a patriotic boudoir shoot is a great way to show support to a loved one in the military, show some support for the good ol’ USA or simply have some fun with red white and blue.

Red White and Blue

Red is a fabulous color for boudoir photography and it has the added advantage of being a popular color so there are tons of options available! Blue and white are also excellent colors. Pairing these together make for an unmistakable Independence Day vibe. For a more subtle touch, you can incorporate just one or the other so that you can do a shoot with one Fourth of July-inspired outfit and then re-wear pieces for different outfits throughout the photoshoot.

American Flag

Sometimes it can be nice to have an accessory to pose with, and the American flag is a wonderful one to choose! It’s eye-catching and easy to pose with. Also, you can choose whatever size you’d like so you can use it as a robe, a backdrop, or strategic cover in your photos.

Camouflage Clothes

Not here for super bright and eye-catching colors? Or simply want some options. Camo can be a more subtle option that still supports the meaning of the day. It’s a great accessory color, as this Bmore babe is showing. What a cute hat!

Sparklers and Sparkles

Okay, so maybe not sparkler sparklers. Although if all fire safety rules are followed, I think there could be a great photo opportunity there! I love doing sparkler send-off photos for my brides. But sparkles are always a good idea. Jewelry and makeup are great for a little touch. Also, a sequined crop top. I bet that would be cute!

How Will You Style Your Patriotic Boudoir Shoot?

Give me a call! I’d love to talk to you.

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