How to Show Your Personality at Your Boudoir Shoot | Baltimore Boudoir Photography

I’m back again this week with some more tips and tricks for how to really shine at your boudoir shoot. I firmly believe that boudoir should be something for women to enjoy and something that really expresses who you are!

It’s no fun to get all dressed up and then up feeling like the photos you get back aren’t, you know, you. I want the opposite of that! I want your boudoir photo shoot to show the most you you can be.

Show Your Style

Wear what makes you comfortable, and get a little fancy with it if you want! Love Harry Potter? Bring a novel to pose with. Huge sports fan? Bring your jersey (or your significant others!). Our clothes express so much of who we are, and just because boudoir has a little bit less clothing doesn’t mean it can’t be chock-full of your style!

Theresa Braun Boudoir-Theresa Braun Boudoir-0072.jpg

Pose Purposefully

Movement is the key to creating personality in all portrait photography and boudoir is no different. I saw an Instagram post the other day where the girl had all her hair in the air, and it looked so fantastic! Do you have a signature selfie pose? Break it out! A gesture all your friends know is oh so you? Tell me about it, and we’ll get it on film (well digital, but you know what I mean).

Let Your Laugh Out

Audrey Hepburn said, “ I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.” I personally love to laugh! I think it’s so helpful to get a comfortable, and after all, we’re here to have a good time right? Laugh out loud; I promise the photos will come out fantastic.

It’s You!

Having a camera lens pointed at you can be a little bit scary. I get it! I do everything I can to make you feel comfy. When your photos come back, I promise that you will feel like the most beautiful, empowered version of yourself. Your personality will shine through, simply because these are gorgeous photos of your gorgeous self!

Anne Casey