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How to Shoot Retro-Inspired Boudoir Photos

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, and maybe even took some inspiration from my post on how to shoot a holiday themed boudoir shoot? Today I’m back with another how-to, this time for an era that is so very in right now - pin-up!

What is pin-up? It’s a style of photos, usually of women, in less-than-formal attire. The style of pin-up draws its origins from the 1940s, with those classic rolled curls and bright red lips. It’s a super fun way to get a little bit retro with your boudoir shoot, and emulate the many glam ladies of bygone eras!

How can you channel a little vintage risque in your boudoir shoot? Well, the first step is to dress the part. Luckily part of the bmore boudoir experience are hair and makeup services, so if your aim is to do a pinup style shoot, just let us know! Alternatively, if you are a die-hard vintage lover, you may prefer to do your own hair and makeup! Either way, I can be sure to bring some red lipstick for touch-ups!

Cait Pin up Boudoir-Cait Pin up Boudoir-0084.jpg

The next step is sourcing some vintage style undies. What Katie Did has a great selection of styles that are entirely authentic to 1940s and 50s. If you just want to have retro-inspiration, a touch of retro as it were, you might want to simply look through your collection for whatever you have that reminds you of years gone by.

Good options include, sheer robes, high-waisted undies, and long-line bras. And of course, I recommend stockings of some kind! Stockings are the epitome of vintage sex appeal. Go full retro with a matching garter belt or simply hint at the fifties with your seamed thigh-highs!

Now you’re dressed the part, it’s time to emulate the old-school glamour girls. Before your shoot, google some pin up girls and look at how they pose. Bettie Page is the classic example of course, but a simple search for “pin up girl pose” will pull up sheets of different poses. I know it sounds silly, but try some out in the mirror! See how they feel, and what you think looks good on your body. That will really help you get into the retro spirit on the day of your shoot!

I hope that this was helpful for you! If it sounds like something you’re interested in, give me a call and we can talk about your very own boudoir shoot! My goal is to make every woman feel beautiful and empowered through photography!  Also, check out the bmore babe in these photos. She is definitely killing the retro pinup vibe!

Anne Casey