How To Pick The Perfect Boudoir Perfume | Maryland Boudoir Photography

They say that scent is the strongest sense. It has the ability to set an atmosphere, or even create cheer! Perfume sets a mood and I think it’s an important thing to think about before your boudoir shoot. Perfume doesn’t show up on camera, but it shows up in how you feel! Pick your perfect perfume for a boudoir shoot by considering these things.

Remember A Season

Just like makeup, perfume changes from season to season, lighter in the summer to heavier in the winter. Right now, we are still in summer (crossing my fingers it lasts forever!) so fresh fruity scents are the name of the game. As we get into autumn - it’s that time now, August is all about setting the stage for fall and getting the most out of summer - scents can become warmer and cozier. Like a sweater! 

pick a perfect boudoir perfume

Choose Your Undertone

Perfumes have one of four main undertones - floral, fresh, oriental or woody. I am a huge fan of floral scents! They remind me of fresh-cut flowers of course, which makes me think of weddings and that makes me happy. In summer, fresh and floral scents are the name of the game. Fresh scents are crisp and clean, like just done laundry and cut grass. 

Oriental scents are a little sexier, with notes of amber and vanilla. They’re mysterious and definitely a good match for a boudoir shoot. Woody scents are earthy and a little spicy. All types of perfume will work well for a shoot, depending on what you’re looking for! Which brings us to ...

Choose Your Mood

What kind of boudoir shoot do you want to have? Are you looking for a romantic vibe because you’re planning on giving your photos to a partner? Do you want to celebrate the beautiful person that you are? The undertones of perfume help shape the mood, and then the top notes give it their extra sparkle. Many perfumes have their different notes labeled, so give them a spritz and decide what smells right.


An occasion perfume is a wonderful thing - when you wear it takes you back to that moment, like your wedding day, a lovely romantic holiday or your boudoir shoot! That being said, a perfume that you wear everyday can be just as special. It makes you feel comfortable and smells lovely!

I hope that you have a wonderful time picking out a boudoir perfume, whether you’re planning on wearing your daily scent or searching for an occasion perfume!

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