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Waking up in the morning is hard. Especially right now, where it feels like winter has been dragging on forever and staying under the covers is just soooo appealing and cozy! Life doesn’t wait, though, so we all gotta get up sometime. Feeling fantastic in the morning starts the night before, so here are my nightly routine ideas to make every day the best!

Read Before Bed

Reading is awesome, and it is so hard to get to. Before bed is a great time to get a little bit of reading in, just a chapter or two. I put together a list of empowering books for women to read, if you’re looking for book recommendations! Bonus - reading might put you to sleep a little bit earlier than you were planning.

Do Some Yoga

My job is all across the board - some days I don’t sit down for more than two minutes at a time, and other days I sit in front of my computer and edit photos all day. Those are two hugely different days! Both days take a toll on my body, so before I go to bed, I try and stretch out a little bit with some relaxing yoga poses. I always feel better after I do!

Skincare Forever

Before crawling into bed with a good book, take a second after brushing your teeth and put some moisturizer on! Winter is not over, and dry skin is super annoying. Skincare is a great way to make you feel like you have your life together without taking massive amounts of your precious evening time.

Digital Wind Down

Phones are no good for us. We all know this. Like chips, they’re so good! Putting my phone down is something I’m trying to get better at. Experts say that we’re supposed to put our phones down an hour before we go to sleep because blue light disrupts sleeping patterns. If you can bear it, put away the phone and see if it gives you better sleep. Let me know if it works for you!

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Connect With Your Family

Days get hectic. Everyone has their own schedule and they don’t always line up. Sometimes a whole day goes by, and I barely even see my family, the loves of my life! As everybody winds down, this is the perfect time to check in on your kids/spouse/roommates. Catch up on everybody’s day before bedtime!

Set Goals For Tomorrow

What do you want to do to create your dream life? Nighttime is for dreaming, day time is for doing. Imagine some things you can do to make your dreams come true a little bit more tomorrow. It’s the little things, going for a walk after work, working on your side hustle for 30 minutes, that really add up! Over on my other blog, I’ve written a post on setting your 2019 goals - give it a read for some inspiration!

Morning Prep

One of the ultimate luxuries in life is getting up in the morning, and the coffee is already made. If that is destined to remain a dream, you can get closer by setting up the coffee maker so all you need to do is push the button. Your morning self will thank you!

Go To Sleep

After you’ve done one or more of these things to prepare yourself to start your morning off right, there’s nothing left to do but go to bed. The fun part! For the best sleep, set a bedtime and try and stick to it. There’s always half a dozen more interesting things to do but sleep is so important! And dreaming is always fun!

What Nightly Routines Do You Have to Feel Great in the Morning?

Share them in the comments below! I love to hear what other women are doing to make their lives even better!

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