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At Bmore Boudoir I am all about promoting individual expression and Miss W brings the individual expression for sure! How cute is her Stranger Things tattoo? I am so happy to be sharing this Bmore Babe from the archives.

Miss W’s Classic Boudoir Photo Shoot

Often women choose to do boudoir shoots for other people, but Miss W. came in purely for herself, which I love! She didn’t feel as great as she wanted to in her own skin, and she decided to do something about it by gifting herself a boudoir shoot. It’s so easy to want to wait to take photos until you reach your “goal weight” or get a little bit more tan, but Miss W. realized that she’s beautiful now. That is completely the attitude that I want to promote with Bmore Boudoir!

Whenever I shoot boudoir, I coordinate with a makeup artist so that you babes get an indulgent, pampering experience. For this particular shoot, I partnered with Bethany at All Aglow Beauty who came in and made Miss W. look fabulous! Bethany also did my makeup for my wedding, so I know she does a great job!

I recommend that you bring two outfits to your boudoir shoot, and Miss W. chose a classic black combination, and a statement blue bodysuit. Her outfits paired so well with her auburn hair!

For Miss W. (and with most of us), shooting boudoir was a new experience, and she was a little bit concerned that she didn’t know how to pose. However, after a little bit of time, she was posing like a champ! Looking back at these photos, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me she had done this before.

I was so pleased to be able to be able to help Miss W. boost her confidence. She was so happy with the way her photos turned out that she ordered an album! I think that means she felt great in her photos :)

If you’d like to see more photos of Miss W, check out the original post I shared over at Anne Casey Photography. I tried to pick out different photos so that I could share even more with you but one or two were fantastic to share twice!

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