How to Make Every Day Special | Baltimore Boudoir Photographer

As we enter the holiday season, life gets a little bit busier and a lot more festive. Now is the perfect time to take stock in the everyday. What is special to you? What does celebrating look like?

Today, I’m sharing my top three tips to make every day a little special - perfect to remember during these hectic holiday days and even more important to remember when the festive season draws to a close!

Take Some Time For Yourself

I know, I know, easier said than done right? I feel like magazines everywhere push the idea that the secret to a perfect life is meditating. Not to mention the blogosphere! There’s a reason this is all over the internet - it’s true.

Now, I know we’re all busy gals and we probably can’t walk away from our families/jobs/fur babies for an entire spa day, but what a 20 minute hot shower? Or a run? If you’re like me, it’ll be a walk. Still, it’s time to clear my head and get back into a creative space if I need a pick me up. Plus endorphins!

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Have Something to Look Forward to

Now, with Christmas right around the corner, it’s easy to put that on to-look-forward-to list. And definitely do! Christmas is an awesome thing to look forward to. It’s a big thing though, and when it’s over - I know it feels like forever right now and I’m such a festive season all the time girl - but when it’s over it can be a little sad. Don’t let it be!

Always have something on your calendar, or floating around in your brain, to look forward to. It can be as small as taking off your tights after a long day of business casual, but knowing that there is something special to look forward to each day will help make each day special! Or hint hint, something a little bigger, like a boudoir photo-shoot to make you feel fabulous! Christmas present anybody?

Be Present With Somebody

Sometimes the best gift you can give somebody is the gift of your time. Especially in this season that seems to get busier every year, take some time! Have a coffee date with your friend that you keep meaning to catch up but haven’t had time to.

The everyday memories are the ones that we remember as we move through the seasons of our lives. I know I’ve experienced that already with the kiddos - didn’t they used to be way smaller? The big things are awesome, but the small things - a hug, a heartfelt gesture - those things are priceless.

How Do You Make Your Day Special?

I’d love to know! There’s so much joy to be found in each day - I hope you’re soaking it all up this holiday season!

Anne Casey