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Summer is coming! Unlike Game of Thrones - is anybody else sad that it ended - we are going into the season of summer. I’m so excited for barbecues and pool days. I’m also so excited to get down to the studio and shoot some more photos with you babes! Today, I want to talk about what to wear for a summer boudoir shoot.

Summer is the perfect time for a boudoir shoot, because the light is out, we all feel great and the weather is lovely. It’s also the perfect season for clothes with less fabric which makes shopping for a boudoir shoot much easier! Here are my top choices for how to dress for a summer boudoir shoot.


Make your swimwear work double time by taking it to a boudoir shoot! I know that wearing a swimsuit on the beach can be stressful and a great way to feel confident in your skin is to do a photo shoot in one. Once you break the ice and strut your stuff, you won’t worry at all about taking your bikini to the beach.

Also, you probably have a bikini or two that you love, or maybe one that’s from another life that you won’t wear out anymore but still look fantastic in! Making life easier is always fun.

summer boudoir shoot

Beachy Accessories

The summer is perfect for lovely prints and flowy accessories. A dramatic hat lends Old Hollywood elegance to a photo shoot. A beautiful flowy swimsuit cover-up will add gorgeous motion to a picture.  Looking for a way to incorporate a prop into your shoot? Try a summer umbrella - I think they’re called parasols - for a decorative and fun touch.

Another way to go with your summer boudoir shoot is fully tropical. I’m thinking adorable tiki sunglasses, hula skirt and strategically placed lei. What a perfect gift for any newlywed with a beach honeymoon!

Nothing At All

If there is ever a season to dress down to the skin, summer is the time. It’s not cold out and you look awesome! If you’re looking for a really sexy boudoir shoot for yourself or someone else, now is the time to get very daring at your boudoir shoot. Bonus - you don’t have to go shopping!

How Will You Dress For Your Summer Themed Boudoir Shoot?

Let me know in the comments below! I love hearing about the different ways to make a boudoir shoot uniquely yours!

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