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I’m a bit of a homebody. I love my job - getting to go out and experience weddings on the weekend, and photographing all over the place in between - but I also love to be at home with my family. Because I spend so much time out and about, it’s important to me to have a place to go that makes me happy. I’ve been thinking lately about how to be happier at home by improving my space, and I thought I’d share with you lovely ladies!

Put Plants Everywhere

Plants make everything better! They’re like pets in terms of making you happy but way less effort. Houseplants are actually good for your health. They brighten up a space, provide clean air and just look nice.

Succulents are a great low-key way to add some green to your space without worrying about watering all the time. Another great way to have some plants that don’t need too much care - put them in the bathroom! Steam from the shower will basically water them for you.

Hide the TV

I love a good TV night! Popcorn, a glass of wine and a marathon Netflix session sounds like my perfect Friday night. But when TVs are off, they’re not that cute. Have you considered putting the TV away when you’re not using it?

There’s a ton of cute ways of doing it. You can put it in a cabinet, cover it with a piece of art or just throw a patterned pillowcase over it before you go to bed. Bonus - if you’re not looking at it all the time, you’re less likely to binge watch when you should be, you know, sleeping.

how to be happier at home

Tidy Up

Before you leave a room, straighten up a little. That way you don’t have to do it all Sunday! It’s no fun and it’s definitely something I can be better at! Truth time: no one else is going to do the dishes. You might as well have fun with it! Put on a podcast or some music and dance around the kitchen with the kiddos while you clean up after dinner. A clean house is a happy house.

At the same time, don’t stress if it’s not perfect. Especially if you live with little ones like I do, you know that the house will never actually be clean. If I can find my keys, and everyone is happy at the end of the day, call it a win!

Hang Some Gorgeous Art

What makes you happy to look at? Is it photography or old-school Impressionist art, or beautiful graphics? Maybe you want to frame some of the kid’s best artwork and create a gallery wall. Find whatever makes you smile and put it up!

To personalize your home, hang some photos from special moments in your life, whether that’s from your wedding or the kid’s school photos!

Make The Bed

Such a little thing, easy to do, easy not to do. People are always talking about how great making the bed is. And it is! It sets up the whole day for success and it’s a great treat to come back to after a long day. Add some cute throw pillows to make the bed even nicer!

What Do You Do to Be Happier at Home?

I’d love to hear about it below! Are you a total homebody or a girl about town?

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