What To Wear To A Glam Boudoir Shoot

I really believe that there is a boudoir shoot out there for every kind of woman. Whether you’re into the outdoors, sports, or are a total girly girl, there is a boudoir shoot out there for you! I love to help women feel empowered with boudoir photography and also I love learning new things! Today I want to talk about what to wear to a glam boudoir shoot, for the girl who has serious style and knows how to use it!


Sparkles are so fun in real life - they’re even more fun on camera! Sparkles pick up light so well. A boudoir shoot is the perfect opportunity to pick up some costume jewelry so you can really go crazy. Plus it’s always

Velvet Lingerie

Is there anything more plush than velvet? I’ve seen velvet bralettes popping up everywhere the last couple of years, to the point where Target now has some. Target! That means that they are mainstream, and so fun. Different textures really pick up on camera and velvet is such a rich texture. Plus, it just makes you feel good, which is always awesome in a boudoir shoot!

Amanda Palmer Boudoir-Amanda Palmer Boudoir-0023.jpg

Gold Accessories

Gold is the richest of all metals, and that makes it perfect for a glam boudoir shoot. Definitely gold jewelry, gold hoops or bracelets. I always say that photography is an exaggeration of real life, so don’t be afraid of doing too much, or going too big. No such thing! Gold is also a great accent for robes, or shoes, or anywhere you want a little extra touch!


Yep - just the concept of purple! Purple was originally the color of royalty, so a glam girl can totally use it to her advantage. Purple was the 2018 color of the year so there are definitely options available.A purple robe could evoke queens of the Renaissance. Purple lingerie is beautiful for a special occasion but dark enough that it’s wearable for everyday.

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