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As women, we take care of so many people all day and we don’t always take the time to make sure that we are doing okay. I know that at the end of the day I look around and I’m like, “how did we get here?” Here at Bmore, I am all about empowering you and taking care of yourself is definitely empowering! In that spirit, here are my top ten ideas to practice some easy self-care today!

At the end of the day, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take some time for yourself, and be able to better help those you love!

1. Light a Candle and Read a Book

I definitely have a few books sitting on my bedside table, just waiting for me to find the time to read them. Let that time be now! Candles make the experience extra special, so light your favorite and be transported to a fictional land.

2. Take a Bubble Bath

You can bring your candle and book into the bath. That is self-care supercharged! Bubble baths are the ultimate in practicing self-care. They are definitely the first thing people think of. It’s an oldie and a goodie. Put a bow on the self-care evening with a glass of wine!

3. Go to the Gym

Self-care is more fun when it’s candy and bubble baths, but exercising is part of self-care too! It’s so easy for me not to move especially when there are tons of other things that demand my attention. Going to the gym is a form of self-care, a way to say that you love your body and yourself. Plus, all those post-gym endorphins? Makes it totally worth it!

4. Take a Nap

Okay, other side of the coin - skip the gym, take a nap. It all depends on what kind of day you’re having! A nap can be a crazy luxury on a busy Saturday or Sunday, especially if you have kiddos but hey, a girl can dream right?

5. Watch Netflix

When naps are a no go, but I still want to power my brain down a little bit, then Netflix is always there for me. A cup of tea and an HGTV style TV show, and I am happy! I’m a firm believer that TV is a practice of self-care if you’re intentional about it.

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6. Make a Healthy Meal Plan

Take care of your future self by planning out nourishing and filling meals on a Sunday afternoon. That way you don’t have to think through food every single day of the week, and you know that you’ll be eating healthy. It’s productive, and self-care. Then reward yourself with a nap!

7. Journal it Out

Sometimes I have so many things happening in my brain all at once. Writing it down makes them a little bit more clear, a little bit more real. And it’s relaxing when it’s all said and done because there’s so much more brain space. Give it a try!

8. Drink Some Water

Drink some water!!! Everybody and their best friend talks about how drinking water is so important for your skin, your body and your mental well being. Are you drinking as much water as you know you should? If no, take this as a reminder to nourish yourself - get some ice, some lemons and drink the fanciest water you can make!

9. Do Your Makeup and Take Selfies

There’s no substitute for getting glammed up. Why wait for girl’s night? Take some time to do your hair and makeup and take some next level selfies. Or go the extra mile and book a boudoir session! At every photo-shoot, I have a professional makeup artist to do your hair and makeup. It’s a luxury experience to make you feel your very best! Talk about self-care babe!

10. Practice Guided Mediation

Meditation is one of those things I always say I want to get into, and then never actually get around to doing! But practicing self-care sometimes means trying new things. I’ve been hearing about guided meditation, which is meditation where someone talks to you the whole time to keep you focused. That sounds a little bit more doable to me!

How Do You Practice Self-Care ?

Leave a comment below! I’m always looking for ways to get a little more mental balance going on over here!

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