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Date Night Ideas That Don't Break the Bank

Dating can be expensive, and no matter where you are in your life, sometimes you want to save that money for other things. I’ve dated when I was young and broke, and now I’m dating my husband while we raise our children.

Yes, it’s fun to splash out on a fancy dinner now and then, but we’re also building our lives together, and that’s our priority. I’m sure it’s yours too! It’s still important to make time for your romantic partner though, so I’ve put together a few of my fave ways to spend time with loved ones without spending crazy amounts!

Free Museum

Did you know that there are ton of free museums on our side of the country? National Geographic put together a list of free museums, or museums with a ‘recommended donation’ instead of a fee. One of the closest ones is the Baltimore Museum of Art. Have you ever checked out the gardens that they have? Very calming. This is the perfect way to have a city date without going crazy on the spending! Read the whole list of free museums here:

Romantic Walk

Sometimes the kids don’t have school, and life gets busy and you get to the end of the day and realize that you just haven’t ... left the house. Take your significant other, and hey your kids too, and head out into nature. We’re so lucky to live in a beautiful place like Maryland, where the sun is shining even as I write this (in January!), and it’s super easy to forget.

So leave the phones at home, and get out there for a walk! Make it more date-like by making a point to talk to each other about things other than the chores and errands that need doing. Maybe talk about that great art museum you just went to? Bonus points if the sun is setting!

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Cooking Class

Okay, so a cooking class sounds like a lot of work right? And it’s not entirely free - you do have to buy the ingredients. But then you get to eat the ingredients! No, I’m not talking about going out and taking a professional cooking class. I’m talking about the wonder of  YouTube.

Did you know that Gordon Ramsey has a YouTube channel? So does Jamie Oliver~ Between the two of them, they have a bunch of tutorials, so take a few minutes out of your day and find one that you want to cook, and then fire it up in the evening. Nothing better than a date with a delicious dinner! Plus, food always tastes better when you cook it. True facts.

Game Night

Another one that’s easily adaptable if you have kiddos. Break out the board games. Depending on the age of your children, you might need to play Candyland, but hey if you get through the whole game together, I call that a win! The great thing about board games is that they appeal to all ages, including all adults. Open a bottle of wine, start the fire, and make an evening of it!


Take your fave guy to your fave cause! I know it’s not a traditional date activity, but it is spending time together, and it’s also helping the world. Who says you can’t multi-task? For me, I would definitely bring my husband to the local animal shelter. We can cuddle with puppies and spend time together! Sounds like my idea of a perfect afternoon!

I hope that some of these were helpful for your life! No matter what you do, the important thing is that you’re together!

Anne Casey