Out of the Ordinary Bachelorette Party Ideas | Baltimore Boudoir Photographer

Let’s talk about some killer bachelorette party ideas that differ from the typical night out on the town. Although, let’s be real, that’s always a fun time! Here are some of my ideas for what would be a great time with the girls!

Camping or Glamping

Instead of a night out, make it a weekend out! Take your girls on a luxury weekend escape with wifi and plenty of wine! Cabins in the woods are sooo cheap when you split the cost, and you know you can have as much fun as you want without worrying about how to get home or waking up the neighbors!

Pick a fun place where you can day trip to a nearby mountain or brewery, or really anything that sounds like a good time! Then you can put your feet up by the fire and play some cheesy bachelorette party games (absolutely love them!) with your best girls.

Girl’s Day Out Complete With Boudie Party

The perfect idea for a bachelorette party, a boudie party is just that, a party! Gather up three or more of your best girls and take on this experience together! You’ll be there to cheer each other on while each girl gets their very own session. Afterwards I suggest heading out for dinner and drinks since you’ll be all glammed up.

Boudie parties take place at my studio location, and include hair and makeup services for all your girls, a 30 minute photography session for each of you and a little black book with 10 spreads of your gorgeous photos! As always, add-on extras (more photos!) are available. My only request is that you have at least four participants (including you)!  What better way to celebrate you and your bridesmaids?

Theresa Braun Boudoir-Theresa Braun Boudoir-0114.jpg

Spa Day

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the old-fashioned outdoors, is the spa day! Just because it’s a bachelorette party, doesn’t mean it needs to end in a crazy night on the town. This is the perfect time to relax with the girls who have supported you on the journey to marrying the love of your life.

Spa days are also a great idea if you’re doing a bachelorette party the week of the wedding instead of months in advance. As the bride you will definitely benefit from some R&R!

What Do You Think?

Obviously, bachelorette parties should reflect the bride’s interests and personality but I hope that some of these ideas were useful to you! Have you heard of the boudie party idea before? What did you think about it? Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to hear more about it!

Anne Casey