6 Ways to Bmore Empowered in Your Life

For me, boudoir photography is all about making women feel the very best they can be. I want you to feel awesome, as much as you can! I’d like to say all the time, but hey that’s not how life works right? How great if it could though! Here are some of my top tips to feel empowered in your everyday life.

1. Exercise

As women, exercise is promoted mostly in a physical sense - 12 days to a bikini ready body and all sorts of nonsense like that. Aside from the aesthetic effects (which we love), exercise is such a powerful tool for reclaiming your body, your time, and your life. I know I’m always pushed in tons of different directions-career, family, husband- they all demand my time. Exercise is a way of saying that your time is your own! You are important too!

2. Try Something New

Nothing says you’re taking control of your life like doing something new that only you want to do. Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint or how to do karate? Sign yourself up for a class! Have the urge to skydive? I certainly do not, but I support you girl!

Stretching those creative muscles always makes me feel better and more empowered, and trying something new, even if it’s as small as the restaurant I always think about going to, makes me feel ten zillion times better.

3. Realize You’re Beautiful

The world does not want us as women to feel beautiful, but we are! We are right now, not ten pounds from now, or a vacation tan from now. You are gorgeous just as you are! It’s a hard thing to realize, but remember, you would never call your best friend fat or ugly.

So why are you saying that to yourself? Be as kind to yourself as you are to other people!

Boudoir Stephanie-Boudoir Stephanie-0055.jpg

4. Write Down Your Goals

Nothing makes me feel worse than when I get to the end of the day and realize that while I was busy the whole day, nothing got accomplished. Of course there will always be days like that- groceries and cleaning will never get done no matter how hard I try- but writing down a list of goals gives me a little bit of focus.

So yes, most of today was trying to stay afloat- but I also watched a 20 minute video on that skill I want to improve. It’s the little things that make the big things!

5. Do Something Decadent Just For You

Yes, exercise is good for you, and you can tell yourself that you’re doing it to feel good, but actually doing it ... I don’t know about you, but I always feel better after I’ve exercised rather than when I’m exercising. Another way to feel empowered in your life is to do something truly decadent just for you.

I like to watch a movie that I like, hopefully while the kids are in another room, preferably asleep. Another great idea- a boudoir photo shoot! Come on, you saw that coming. I think boudoir shoots are a great way to feel beautiful and self-confident. I do my best to help you feel like the very best you that you can be!

6. Reflect on Your Week

You are in control of your schedule! If your boss is texting you at 6 o’clock on Saturday, you don’t have to answer. Unless you work Saturdays. Idk. It may feel like there other forces in your life, but your life is your choice.

Take some time on Sunday to make a plan-what needs to get done, what everyone is eating that week, and even planning in some fun time for you and the girls or you and your partner, will make you feel even more in control as Monday barges in on that lovely weekend bubble.

I hope that you try some of these tips if you’re feeling a little bit out of control in your life, or if everything is going perfectly and you want to say, “I’m here! I’m awesome!” Because you are. I know it!

Anne Casey