Top 5 Things to Wear to Your Boudoir Shoot | Baltimore Boudoir Photographer

I was invited to a party the other week. My first reaction was “oh so fun!” My second? “But what do I wear?” The clothes often make the event and a boudoir shoot is no different. The clothes we choose to wear define our style, express our personality, and make us feel like the confident bad-a** babes we are! What then, is the perfect outfit to wear to your boudoir shoot? Here are my top five go-to options:


Black is a such a classic because it’s so gorgeous for all occasions and on all skin tones! Black lace  is so pretty and definitely something that comes to mind when we think boudoir photography, but there are also such cute lingerie sets out there that really hit minimalist frame-your-body-like-the-work-of-art-it-is notes.

Black doesn’t have to be boring! Spice it up with an unexpected accent color or style-are sports bras sexy? I’ve seen you babes make them so! Wear black and rest easy knowing that your pictures are going to be confirmed gorgeous, because the best thing after a LBD is LBL (little black lingerie!)


Shifting to the other end of the color spectrum, let’s talk about white. Such a pretty color, especially in early morning light. White is great for boudoir because it’s typically associated with brides which means that there is a ton of lovely lingerie out there in that colorway. But don’t think you have to be a bride to wear white!

Elyse, the bmore babe featured in this post, wears a gorgeous white romper. She’s totally stunning, and gifted her boudoir session to herself which I love! White-not just for brides anymore!

If you are a bride looking for a wedding boudoir session, bring your veil and wedding shoes! Maybe even your bouquet if you still have it! Have some white lingerie you’re planning to wear (or already wore) for your wedding night? Wear that! I’m sure it’s alluring, plus it will have a special connection for you and your partner to look back on.

Ariel Gordon-Ariel Gordon Boudoir-0087.jpg

Seasonal Colors

The holidays are coming! A seasonal-themed boudoir shoot is a perfect gift for a couple’s first (or fifth, or sixth ...) Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice together! Themes give you a set structure to work around and they come with built in colors! Cozy sweaters make for a perfect winter-themed outfit. Don’t think that just because you’re at a boudoir session you have to bare it all. What you wear (or don’t) is totally up to you!

Stay tuned for our spooky sexy boo-doir blog post that will be coming up around Halloween. It might give you some visual inspiration for a fun holiday shoot!

Comfy T-shirt

Sexy isn’t always cutout lace and high heels. Sexy is what makes you feel beautiful, inside and out! That’s why a t-shirt, perhaps oversize, perhaps belonging to a partner, is such a great thing to shoot.

Hollywood agrees that it’s sexy-how many movie scenes have you seen where the female lead wanders around in her lace undies and the male lead’s top? Movie tested, audience approved! Bring a shirt that’s been washed so many times it feels like a second skin, or maybe one with special significance to you! Something-a band, sports team-that you want to represent? Bring your fav tee with their logo!

Whatever YOU Want

None of these options sound like they’re really you? That’s totally cool! Boudoir is all about expressing your personality in a way that feels authentic to you! You can wear whatever you feel beautiful in, because the most important part is that you are totally comfortable shooting boudoir! It can be a really scary thing to do, so definitely choose clothes going in to it that make you feel fantastic. If you’re nervous about your upcoming session, check out my tips and tricks for a stress-free boudoir experience!

I hope you found some inspiration in my top five things to wear to a boudoir shoot. Don’t feel confined to one outfit, and one aspect of your personality. I’ll ask you to bring two outfits plus accessories, so you can explore all the things!

Anne Casey