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Can you guys believe that we’re halfway through summer? I definitely cannot. It seems like summer lasts forever, but also that it’s gone in a flash. The days are getting hotter and while I love summer, I’ve started dreaming of fall. Summer’s not over yet! Today, I want to talk about summer boredom busters to add a little extra magic to these precious summer days.

Swimming & Sprinklers

What better way to escape the heat than at the swimming pool? When the idea of getting all kitted out for the swimming pool is just too much, I like to turn on the sprinkler, slather some sunscreen on the kiddos and let them play. They’re not just for kids, I also like a quick dash through the sprinkler every once in a while! For all day entertainment though, nothing beats the pool though. Lounge chairs, water, sunshine. Yes please!

Picnic in the Park 

Picnics are so cute in movies, and then in real life I never get around to them. So here is me, giving myself permission to have a not cute picnic. Some sandwiches in a bag, a blanket and there it is. A picnic! In a few years, I won’t be worried about how cute the picnic was. I’ll remember how wonderful it was to spend time with my family!

summer boredom buster

Get Gardening

Before it gets hot out. Stay safe please! Gardening is so calming and summer is the perfect time to go outside and start experimenting. Planting season is in fall, which makes summer the perfect time to plan your dream garden, go shopping for seeds and generally daydream about what could be, preferably with a glass of lemonade in hand. And then maybe weed a patch of ground in preparation.

Build A Fort

I’ve heard that there’s a heatwave coming through town. When it’s absolutely impossible to go outside, I need to keep the kiddos entertained inside and that means getting a little bit old fashioned. What is it about forts that are so cuddly and cozy? They’re the perfect place to hang out, read books, play pretend or just watch Netflix. If you haven’t got little ones, I think a fort is still a perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of the day, and get in touch with your inner child!

Tourist in Town

Who says you have to go away to go on vacation? We’re so lucky to live right near two major cities, and they’re both perfect for touring. Art museums, sports events, breweries, whatever you’re interested in, there’s something to do! For me, I’m always okay with anything as long as I bring my camera and snap some photos of the hidden beauties of the city.

What Are You Doing For Summer Boredom Busters?

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