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They say that your morning sets up your whole day. Getting the morning routine right certainly makes the day feel smoother! I know that I’m always trying to hustle and do as much as I can in a day, keep all my balls in the air, wear all my hats and all of that. I’m sure you babes are too! Today, I thought I’d talk about some girl boss morning routine ideas that I’m trying to do in my life, and maybe you are too!

Coffee Coffee Everywhere

Raise your hand if you need coffee to get through the day. Just in case you were wondering, both my hands are up! I love caffeine in all its forms and coffee is awesome. I feel like coffee is getting a bad rap these days - but I’m still a fan. I think it’s such a nice way to start the day before the kiddos are awake. Just to sit still and watch the world wake up. Lovely!

Wake Up Before You Have To

I will be real with you - I am often bribing myself to get up with the aforementioned caffeine. I love being up before I have to but I’m not crazy about getting up before I have to. There are so many things on my to-do list all the time and before the kids are awake is basically the best time to do them. If you get up an hour or two before work, or school, then you can do whatever you want with that time! I’m usually editing photos, but there are so many options - work on your side hustle, meditate, read a book or ...

girl boss morning routine

Get That Darn Exercise Out of The Way

Exercise! Yes, it is the worst. But it’s so good for your brain and your body! I love my job, which is half running around after brides and you awesome Bmore babes, but it’s also a lot of sitting and editing. That’s why it’s good to get up and move, especially in the morning. I don’t know about you but the days when I exercise first thing are days when I feel like I can do anything! And isn’t that the best way to start the day?

Remember To Eat Breakfast

Where are we at with intermittent fasting? I’ve seen that a lot on the internet, where you don’t eat anything until 11 in the morning. I’m still on a breakfast before anything kick, both for me and the kids. If you’re doing intermittent fasting, let me know! I am interested, but skipping breakfast feels like something that’s easy to get away with but it can put the day off kilter quickly. I am here for breakfast. Also brunch. I love a good brunch!

What’s Your Girl Boss Morning Routine to Start the Day Off Right?

I know that these are not breaking ground ideas, but they are definitely things that harder to do than they are to talk about! Keeping track of your mental and physical health is super important and it’s definitely hard when we’re all trying to do 100 other things. Setting up a girl boss morning routine will keep everything running smoothly! Let me know in the comments below what you do to make your day run like clockwork!

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