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Little Known Holidays to Celebrate This Winter

Here at Bmore Boudoir, I’m all about celebrating! Celebrating women for how awesome and beautiful we all are, and celebrating how strong we are together. But why stop at celebrating each other? There’s always a reason to celebrate - you just have to find it! It’s January and the holidays are in the rear-view mirror for at least a few months. With the winter weather, it’s easy to get gloomy. The big December celebrations are awesome, but you know what else is awesome?

Any day you choose!

That’s why I want to talk about some lesser-known holidays to celebrate in these chilly winter months. When your sitting cozy on your couch with some hot cocoa, think about ways you can celebrate these quirky holidays and have some fun!

Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day | February 2nd

This holiday is a great one to start with - it’s coming up soon on February 2nd, and it’s super easy to plan for. According to the internet (always accurate!), the creator – a mom of course! - made it up just because her kids were bored during the mid-winter lull. Break up the cabin fever by eating ice cream for breakfast!

The kids will love this one! Build up the anticipation by telling them a few days before, and make a big deal about it! Get their favorite flavors and maybe some fancy dishes if you’re feeling really crazy. Celebrating this holiday will definitely chase the midwinter blues away!

National Pizza Day | February 9th

This one’s already circled on my calendar, ladies! You know I love pizza and I will use any excuse to eat it, so I’m so excited for National Pizza Day on February 9! Nobody knows where National Pizza Day came from, but I’m so glad that it’s a thing. This should not be a little known holiday. Spread the word and let’s all put it on our calendars!

This year National Pizza Day happens to fall on a Saturday night - grab a pie from your favorite place and put on a feel-good movie! Also, there’s a National Cheese Pizza Day AND a National Pepperoni Pizza Day. Those are both in September, so there are even more pizza related holidays to look forward to! Yes!

Random Act of Kindness Day | February 17th

We can all make the world a just a little more kind. This is a great day to make an extra effort, and to share with the kiddos the good of doing good in the world. I’m thinking about taking some of our unused clothing to a donation center. Not only will it help people, it will also help me clean out the closet! Two birds, one act of kindness. Kindness is contagious, and it’s so easy to spread! Even just smiling at a stranger can do a world of good! You never know what a difference it will make in someone’s day.

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International Women’s Day - March 8th

Let’s take a minute to celebrate all my fellow ladies out there! This holiday has deep roots - it dates back to the early 1900s! Today, International Women’s Day is sponsored by United Nations and it focuses on advancing women’s rights in the workforce and other areas of society.

This day is a perfect time to appreciate all the women in your life - including yourself! So many of us are trying to have a career and raise a family all at the same time, and it can be hard! I think a perfect way to celebrate is a girly get together with your friends. Or, you can give to some pretty amazing nonprofits that work to advance women’s rights around the world - like Women for Women International!

Make Your Own Holiday Day - March 26th

This is like a wild card in Uno. Make Your Own Holiday Day is literally a day for you to come up with what you want to celebrate. What are you interested in celebrating? I’m thinking a special celebration of my kids, or maybe my dog, or my sweatpants! They are definitely underappreciated heroes in my life.

I love the idea of Make Your Own Holiday Day because it is literally such a reminder that any day can be special if YOU want it to be.

International Moment of Laughter - April 14th

International Moment of Laughter Day is all about making people laugh - and laugh often. Even one extra laugh is enough to brighten somebody’s day! International Moment of Laughter Day sounds like the perfect time to slow down and remember the little moments of joy. Celebrate with a new joke book, or a funny movie. They say laughter is the best medicine!

I hope that some these holidays speak to you and you have something new to celebrate in the next few months! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go celebrate National Pizza Day a little bit early!

Anne Casey